The British beat

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2001:
The British beat

“The Linda McCartney cycling team has been disbanded by founder Julian Clark, who is to answer seven counts of deception of ‘a sporting nature,'” Reuters reported on January 25. “McCartney Foods ended their three-year sponsorship of the all-vegetarian team last year,” Reuters added, “but allowed Clark to use their name and logo to help attract new backers.” The disbanding left 19 riders from 10 nations stranded in London, unpaid and responsibile for their own expenses.

Police in Hampshire, U.K., have reportedly arrested four unidentified suspects after a two-year undercover probe of a scam in which “hundreds” of horses were given by their owners to bogus “retirement” farms, often with donations for the horses’ care, and were then sold to slaughter. Although the horses were reportedly killed to make dog food, the scam flourished in the wake of the BSE/CJD disease scare, which caused much of Europe to stop eating British beef.

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