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From ANIMAL PEOPLE, January/February 2001:

Alley Cat Allies cofounder and former president Louise Holton, 59, is forming a new group called Alley Cat Rescue. Holton left Alley Cat Allies in November 2000; founding partner Rebecca Robinson remains as national director. Formed as a feral cat rescue group, Alley Cat Allies took the lead in introducing neuter/return to the U.S., nearly 20 years after it lastingly reduced feral cat populations in Kenya, South Africa, and Britain. Refocusing on “changing policies and educating public officials,” as the Winter 2000 Alley Cat Action newsletter explains, Alley Cat Allies grew faster in the last five years than than any other U.S.-based animal advocacy organization. However, Alley Cat Allies in December 2000 renewed commitment to hands-on care by accepting contractual responsibility for the care and sterilization of a large cat colony at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. The colony had been supervised by shipyard worker Cynthia Moose, but was scheduled for extermination after other workers claimed the cats were a health hazard.

Former Royal SPCA chair and Animal Revolution author Richard Ryder has appealed to a British labor tribunal his recent dismissal as director of animal welfare for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Daily Telegraph environment editor Charles Clover reported on January 13. Ryder contends that IFAW improperly jobs out organizational duties to overpaid U.S. affiliates, Clover wrote. Animal Revolution, first published in 1980 and reissued in 2000 in an updated edition, examines the history of animal protection in Britain. A review of the new edition is scheduled to appear in the March issue of ANIMAL PEOPLE.

Vegetarian activist Maureen Green and her husband Donald Green, board chair of Advanced Fibre Communications, have donated $1 million to enable the Humane Society of Sonoma County, California, to build a new veterinary clinic.

Elizabeth Quinlan Buzzi, 89, of Mobile, Alabama, deceased in June 2000, left more than $500,000 to the Mobile SPCA and Humane Society to fund dog and cat neutering and humane education. Mobile shelters killed 70 dogs and cats per 1,000 human residents in 1999, the most of any U.S. city.

Coaliton to End Primate Experimentation cofounder Linda Howard and former Farm Animal Reform Movement staffer Noam Lazarus, both now working independently for animals in San Antonio, celebrated their marriage on October 22, 2000 at the Texas Snow Monkey Sanctuary in Millet, Texas. The monkeys were guests of honor at the informal reception.


Steven J. McCormick, president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy, succeeding the late John Sawhill;
Lynn J. Anderson, DVM, director of animal protection for the American Humane Association; Jean Cinq-Mars, executive director, Wildlife Habitat Canada; Julie Ann Ryan Johnson, DVM, director of the Orange County (Calif.) Animal Shelter; Rita Anderson, co-director, In Defense of Animals “They Are Not Our Property” campaign.

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