From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 2000:

Joe Arpaio, sheriff of
Maricopa County, Arizona, on
September 18 received United Animal
Nations’ Animals’ Choice Award for
forming a Pet Posse to investigate and
ensure prosecution of animal abuse
cases, and for converting an obsolete
jail into a shelter for abused animals,
staffed by female inmate volunteers.
The Alternatives Research
& Development Foundation, a subsidiary
of the American Anti-Vivisection
Society, on October 1 presented its
$5,000 William A. Cave Award t o
MatTek Corporation president John
Sheasgreen for his success in marketing
to major corporations a line of project
safety tests which do not require animal
testing. Cave headed American AV
from 1978 until his death in 1990.

Salomon Smith Barney b r okerage
firm vice president Philip D.
Pitchford, 49, of Rolling Hills, California,
on September 29 donated $1 million
to enable the Los Angeles SPCA to
complete a “companion animal village
and education center” in El Dorado
Park, Long Beach. The facility will
resemble the adoption campuses built
throughout England in recent years by
the National Canine Defence League.
United Activists for Animal
R i g h t s president Nancy Burnet a n d
The Price Is Right host Bob Barker on
October 1 realized that five hens used in
the just-completed CBS television series
Big Brother would be out of work, so
called CBS, asked for them, and got
them. Barker heads the $10 million
DJ&T Foundation, formed in honor of
his late wife Dorothy Jo and his mother,
Tilly, to make grants to neutering projects.
Info: 310-278-1160.

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