Veggie bust

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 2000:

The Winnipeg Vegetarian Association on May 14 solicited donations toward the cost of a bronze bust of vegetarian advocate Howard Lyman. Sculpted by K a t h y Lazzareschi, of Oroville, California, the bust is to be presented to Lyman at the W o r l d Vegetarian Congress in Toronto this July.

A few days earlier, the A n i m a l Rights 2000 conference hosted in Washington D.C. by the Farm Animal Reform Movement is to induct five people whose identities are undisclosed into a newly created “Animal Rights Hall of Fame.”

Of more pragmatic interest, the Sabina Fund, named by FARM founder Alex Hershaft in honor of his late mother, is offering grants of $500-$2,000 “for grassroots projects promoting a plant-based diet and exposing the devastating impacts of animal agriculture.” Hershaft said that the next Sabina Fund application deadline will be November 15, adding that “FARM welcomes applications from groups outside the USA.” Application forms and further details are online at .

Meanwhile, instead of endorsing a meatless diet, the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies has reportedly endorsed a national meat labeling program based on the “Freedom Food” program managed by the Royal SPCA of Britain. “The certification reassures consumers that the meat they purchase is from an animal raised in the most humane and ethical manner possible,” wrote Gina Tell of the Calgary Herald.

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