From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 2000:

The Sea Shepherd Conservation S o c i e t y has added longtime S t u d e n t Conservation Association e x e c u t i v e Valerie J. Shand as chief operating officer, and former National Science Foundation Antarctic expeditions technician M i k e Gallagher as facilities director.

David Brower, 87, a member of the Sierra Club since 1933, resigned from the board for at least the third time in May, over frustration with moderate policies. Brower was first executive director of the Sierra Club, but was fired in 1969 after conflicting with the board, and went on to found Friends of the Earth, the League of Conservation Voters, and Earth Island Institute, typically moving on after similar board conflicts. He was elected to the Sierra Club board in 1983, 1986, 1995, and 1998, but has rarely completed a term of office.

Pam Forlines, of Jacksonville, Florida, personally rescued about 200 cats abandoned by ex-tenants after the 300-site Colonial Park for Mobile Homes closed, according to the Florida Times-Union. She placed about 150 in new homes, brought 11 into her home, euthanized 12 for health reasons, and is still fixing and socializing the rest, who are now a fenced-in yard colony.

Dog rescuer Kate McCoy, of Rowlett, Texas, won the $3,000 prize in this year’s Ahimsa of Texas neutering lottery. Participants get a chance for each animal they fix during the month of April. A record 392 people participated this year, the third year that the lottery has been held.

The National Animal Control A s s o c i a t i o n has named Randy Keplinger, animal control director for Oak Ridge, Tennessee, to receive this year’s NACA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Michael Kaufman, director of education for the animal services division of the American Humane Association s i n c e 1991, previously director of education for the American ASPCA, has been named director of communication and education at t h e North American Riding for the

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