From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 2000:

Shelter stats

The article “Shelter killing: how low can you go?”, in the March 2000 edition of ANIMAL PEOPLE, accurately stated that, “The dog and cat killing ratio in San Francisco shelters, already the lowest of any major U.S. city, fell 24% in 1999, to just 3.9 animals killed per 1,000 human residents.”

Extra zeros were somehow added to the number 1,000 in two later sentences, which should have read, “The San Francisco data significantly lowered the floor ratios below which dog and cat euthanasias per 1,000 human residents have never gone. The table below shows in the first column the 1999 San Francisco ratios of dog and cat euthanasias per 1,000 human residents for each major cause.”

Instead, the number “1,000” came out “100,000.”

The number 1,000 and the ratios based upon it were accurately stated throughout the rest of the article.


Our April 2000 editorial, “Why fur sales soared,” misattributed the Jessica Willis essay “My Life In Furs” to The Village Voice of January 12-18, instead of to the lookalike New York Press, and indicated that Friends of Animals still leads the annual “Fur Free Friday” protests in New York City, as it did during most of the 1990s. Apparently the protests were led in 1998 and 1999 by one of several organizations which use the name Animal Defense League.

Riverglen tigers

“USA Today staff writer John Schmidt reported on March 7 that anonymous donors have given 350 acres and an endowment of $1 million to the Riverglen Feline Conservancy, run since 1973 by Betty Young of West Fork, Arkansas,” our April 2000 edition stated on page 20.

The item continued by noting that the purported USA Today item “was forwarded to ANIMAL PEOPLE b y Brian Werner of Tiger Missing Link, a registry of privately owned tigers,” and added that, “Werner also sent above his own signature a set of National Rifle Association allegations against various animal rights groups which have actively opposed private trade in exotic wildlife.”

The “USA Today” item, however, was apparently forged. USA Today has no record of ever having published it.

Young told ANIMAL PEOPLE that she had acquired a new 350-acre site, but by purchase, and said she had received several large donations recently, but added that the sum of all of them was about $65,000––nowhere near $1 million.

Werner said he had received the apparent forgery from a private tiger fancier, known to ANIMAL PEOPLE, who denied knowing anything about it. Werner also said he had received confirmation of the details directly from Young, who denied telling anyone any such thing.

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