From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 2000:

Dorothy Reynolds, 84, of Jackson, Michigan, who founded the Jackson Animal Protective Association i n 1961, was on February 25 burnt out of her home of 41 years by alleged arson. She escaped with her two dogs and two cats, but must make extensive repairs with no insurance. Reynolds is receiving mail at P.O. Box 52, Addison, MI 49220.

Thirteen cats died, 13 cats and a dog survived, and two cats were missing after a February 28 fire gutted the home of Cleveland animal rescuer Chris Mohan– – who was fully insured, she told Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter Michael Sangiacomo.

Lessie Davis, 54, identified by Michelle Crouch of Knight-Ridder Newspapers as “the only wildlife rehabilitator within 75 miles of Charlotte (N.C.) to take care of baby songbirds,” lost her uninsured home and clinic in January when an ice storm felled two trees on the roof. Davis may be contacted c/o Wild Care, P.O. Box 1049, Wingate, NC 28174.

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