From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 2000:

University of Illinois veterinary student Linnaea Stull, who led the struggle to end mandatory dog labs at UI (page 10) has won the United Animal Nations Animals’ Choice award for outstanding commitment.

The Canterbury chapter of Royal SPCA of New Zealand on February 15 memorialized realtor Mary Rathie, whose estate built the RSPCA a new cat shelter. Rathie, 84, died in March 1998.

Chelonian Research Institute founder Peter Pritchard, 56, of Oviedo, Florida, was on February 21 named T i m e magazine’s seventh “Hero for the Planet” for his work on behalf of sea turtles.

Charles Sutherland, 65, of Lahaina, Hawaii, reportedly dying of lung cancer, was honored by the Hawaii House of Representatives on February 27 for his work to protect humpback whales.

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