“Crush video” bill goes to White House

U.S. Senate on November 19 unanimously
approved a bill by Rep. Elton Gallegly (RCalif.)
to ban the interstate distribution of
videos or films depicting gratuitous cruelty
to animals, if they are without “serious
religious, political, scientific, educational,
journalistic, historical, or art value.”
The bill cleared the House on
October 19, 372-42, and is expected to be
signed by President Bill Clinton.

Gallegly explained before the
House vote that the bill will not affect
depictions of hunting or bullfighting.
Gallegly introduced the bill after
the August arrests of “crush video” star
Diane Aileen Chaffin, 35, of La Puente,
California, and producer Gary Lynn
Thomason, 48, of Anaheim. Chaffin on
November 7 pleaded no contest to felony
cruelty. Pomona Superior Court Judge
David S. Milton sentenced her to three
years in prison, suspended, if she does a
year of public service or jail time.
Thomason was still awaiting
trial as ANIMAL PEOPLE went to press.
Also awaiting trial, in a parallel
case, is alleged “crush video” maker

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