From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 1999:

Jeanne Daniels, of Houston,
owner of the TarryTown Center
shopping plaza in Austin, recently
ired the 400-member West Austin
Neighborhood Group by requiring
as part of new leases that tenants not
sell animal products. Gourmet
supermarket owner Harvey Tack
relocated rather than stop selling
meat. The other tenants with leases
up for renewal are reportedly moving
to comply––but two of the three
restaurants at the plaza have a year
left under their old leases.

A year-long Internet campaign
led by Siri Amrit Khalsa, of
Albuquerque, in late August caused
Motel 6 to advise all 790 franchise
holders against summer pyrecantha
bush-trimming, to avoid disturbing
hard-to-see hummingbird nests.
Further, bird nesting seasons are to
be identified on future editions of the
Motel 6 maintenance calendar.
Pennsylvania SPCA humane
officer Clayton Hulzinger h a s
received the United Animal Nations
Animals’ Choice Award for pursuing
the attempted prosecution and follow-up
civil suit that this year halted
the annual Labor Day pigeon shoot
at Hegins. The Pennsylvania
Supreme Court ruled on July 22
that if the shoot was held this year,
Hulzinger could arrest everyone
involved in it under the Pennsylvania
anti-cruelty statutes. The shoot had
been held every year since 1935.
Katherine Stitzel, DVM,
associate director of the Procter &
G a m b l e human safety division, on
August 30 received the 1999 Russell
and Burch Award for success in
advancing alternatives to animal use
in research, education, and testing.
Presented by the Humane Society of
the U.S., the award is named for
biologists William Russell and Rex
Burch, who outlined the “Three Rs”
strategies of Reduction, Refinement,
and Replacement in 1959.

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