From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 1999:

Matador Cristina Sanchez,
27, retired on October 11 after
killing two bulls at the Las Ventas
ring in Madrid, fulfilling a threat she
issued in May after having difficulty
getting prestigious bookings. Male
chauvinism drove her out, she said:
male bullfighters would not appear in
the same ring with her. Sanchez
fought bulls professionally for four
years, after six years as a novice.

SHARK founder Steve
Hindi in October issued a challenge
to Mexican bullfighters via a popular
bullfighting forum on the Internet: if
SHARK members are allowed to
watch any fighting bull from the time
the bull is removed from his herd for
transport until the bull enters the ring,
Hindi will meet the bull in the ring,
unarmed, on further condition that
he is allowed to keep the bull in the
event that he is able to lead the bull
into a SHARK truck, which would
then take the bull to a sanctuary. Ten
days later, no one had accepted the
challenge––but Hindi had received a
considerable number of obscene and
defamatory messages, some anonymous,
from bullfighters and bullfighting

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