BOOKS: The Save-A-Life Guide

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 1999:

The Save-A-Life Guide
Edited by Vicki Todaro
(3504 Fort Hunt Drive,
Arlington, TX 76016), 1999.

Sponsored by Ahimsa of Texas,
this 141-page looseleaf binder is a much
expanded second edition of a volume which
includes capsule descriptions and contact
data for all (or nearly all) Dallas/Fort
Worth-area animal shelters; fostering programs;
dog breed rescuers; cat clubs; rescue
groups for ferrets, rabbits, pigs, horses,
and birds; wildlife rescue and rehabilitation
programs; and various other organizations
which might help someone save an
animal in north/central Texas.
One might jump to the conclusion
that the Dallas/Fort Worth area is unusually
rich in resources for animals. It’s more the
norm, but few regions have anything like
The Save-A-Life Guide to facilitate liaison.

The closest thing is usually a veteran shelter
director’s personal Roll-A-Dex.
Due to the high cost of printing
and distributing projects like The Save-ALife
Guide, other people doing this sort of
thing tend to put the information out only as
a web site. That’s good enough if a computer
is handy and the modem line is open.
When someone calls or visits your office
seeking help, however, the looseleaf version
will be easier to use.

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