From ANIMAL PEOPLE, July/August 1999:

Rutgers University law professors
Gary Francione and Anna Charlton in May
closed the Animal Rights Law Clinic, which
they founded together in 1990. “Francione and
I will continue to teach a seminar on animal
rights,” Charlton said. The clinic reportedly
drew about 100 telephone inquiries a week,
but had difficulty attracting enough volunteer
law students and funding to keep up with the
potential caseload.
Cindy Adams, editor of the
American SPCA magazine Animal Watch
since 1990, announced her departure in the
summer 1999 edition and didn’t answer an
ANIMAL PEOPLE inquiry as to where she
was going, why. “Thanks, again, Henry
Spira,” Adams wrote in her final editorial,
“for reminding us that [farm animals] account
for roughly 97% of animal suffering but less
than 5% of animal welfare budgets.”

Adams profiled the late Spira in mid-1998, just before
he died, and devoted much of the next two
Animal Watch editions to articles advocating
vegetarianism. Fourteen-year ASPCA president
John Kullberg was ousted in early 1991
after annoying board members who are still on
the board by refusing to withdraw a handbook
that promoted vegetarianism. Kullberg now
heads the Wildlife Land Trust, a subsidiary
of the Humane Society of the U.S.
Collective Humane Action and
Information Network founder Pat Miller has
turned the CHAIN Letter editorship over to
Wendy Aten, after 11 years. CHAIN is now
published from POB 576, Tujunga, CA
91043; fax 818-951-6497; >>waten@earthlink.net<<.
Miller’s husband, CHAIN board
president Paul Miller, recently took a newly
created post as animal services director for
Chatanooga, Tennessee. Added to the
CHAIN board were National Animal Control
Association executive director Johnny Mays,
Humane Society of Missouri chief of rescues
and investigations Curt Ransom, HSUS
Rocky Mountains regional representative Amy
Suarez, and American SPCA western region
representative Sam Marsteller.
Gini Barrett in June quit the L o s
Angeles Animal Regulation Commission,
after six years, to focus on her work as western
regional director for the A m e r i c a n
Humane Association. Barrett left two weeks
after ARC president Steven Afriat said he
would resign, in part because the new Los
Angeles city charter reduces ARC from a decision-making
body to an advisory panel.
Humane Society Yukon f o u n d e r
Andrea Lemphers retired in May after 10
years as president, six months after HSY
opened the Mae Bachur Animal Shelter––the
first humane shelter in Whitehorse. Also stepping
down, on staggered dates, were board
secretary Ellen Zimmerman, director L e n
S h e f f i e l d, and shelter chief Sharon Ulrich,
all of whom remain active as volunteers.

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