From ANIMAL PEOPLE, July/August 1999:

Upsetting 408 years of tradition
that bull-runners participate and spectators
attend runnings-of-the-bulls at their own risk,
a Madrid court ruled on June 30 that the town
of Belmonte de Tajo must pay $96,000 to a
man who was gored during a 1994 bull run,
and the town of Boadilla del Monte must pay
$10,000 to a 1992 goring victim.
French matador Denis Lore, 30,
is reportedly facing cruelty charges in Nimes,
France, brought by the French SPCA
because he advised amateur matadors in
April at an unauthorized private c o r r i d a,
during which four bulls were killed.

Bullfighting is legal in France only where it
is part of an uninterrupted local tradition.
“Calf roping could one day be
yanked from the Calgary Stampede
because of growing public dissatisfaction
with the event,” Wendy Dudley of the
Calgary Herald reported on June 11.
Acknowledged Stampede spokesperson
Denise Guichon, “The information we are
getting is that younger people don’t like it.”
New York City police officers
Micholas Cicio, Michael Murphy, Caesar
Capunay, and Daniel Ardito claimed they
just did their duty on June 20 when they shot
40 bullets into a bull who bolted from an
allegedly illegal rodeo held at a Queens
restaurant. Police spokespersons said the
bull couldn’t have been safely tranquilized.
But news video indicated to ANIMAL PEOP
L E that the bull might have been safely
recaptured with just a handful of apples.

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