Yellowstone bison defense arrests

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 1999:

Arrested for allegedly interfering
with the April 14 bison captures
(see article at left) were James
Blakely, 19; Molly Karp, 17;
Allison Lovejoy, 21; Jeremy O’Day,
22; and Robert Laitman, age not
Jamie Blakely, 19, of
Georgia, was arrested on March 31 for
allegedly locking herself to a cattle
guard to block trucks hauling bison
from the Horse Butte corral to a site
near Duck Creek where the brucellosis
testing is done. Steven Shaffer, 37,
of Minnesota, was arrested the same
day for allegedly trying to lock the
gates of the Duck Creek holding pen.

Earlier arrestees included
Buffalo Field Campaign cofounder
Pete Leusch, 32, for allegedly releasing
a bison from the Duck Creek pen;
Jesse Haag, 17, of Milwaukee, for
allegedly trying to lock bison out of
the Duck Creek pen; Mike Mease,
36, for allegedly locking himself to a
livestock trailer; Summer Nelson,
22, for allegedly blocking a road;
Toni Thomas, 28, of Warrens,
Wisconsin, for allegedly interfering
with a bison drive; Thomas Harnden,
28, of Detroit, also for allegedly
interfering with a bison drive; E r i c
P e t e r s o n, details unavailable; a n d
Daniel Brister, 29.
Buffalo Field Campaign
spokesperson Sue Nackoney w a s
arrested in January for allegedly blocking
the Duck Creek access road.
Arrested for a similar action
was Donald Fontenot, 35, of Portland,
Oregon, who was also charged
with illegal possession of drugs and
was reportedly expelled from the
Buffalo Field Campaign for violating
the organization’s policy against use of
drugs and alcohol.

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