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From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 1999:

Carol Moulton, heading the
American Humane Association animal protection
division for two years and an AHA
staffer for 15 years, has resigned effective
May 19 but will continue to assist AHA as a
consultant, AHA president Robert Hart told
ANIMAL PEOPLE. Added Hart, “Connie
H o w a r d, our director of shelter operations,
will handle all functions dealing with shelters
and companion animals. At this time, we are
not announcing a search for a director, but
want to examine a range of options that could
involve some restructuring.” Hart is believed
to be seeking ways of more closely integrating
the work of the AHA animal protection
and child protection divisions. Competition
between the divisions over funding priorities
and board influence has been involved in several
other recent departures of both senior
personnel and longtime board members.

Nancy Schonwalter, executive
director since 1996 of the C a r n i v o r e
Preservation Trust, in Pittsboro, North
Carolina, resigned on April 18 after 15 years
with the organization. Head curator A l l i s o n
Larios was named acting replacement.
Wolf Awareness Inc. f o u n d e r
W.H. Halliday has retired as president.
Tara Davidson, 11, dying of bone
cancer in Madison, Wisconsin, which the
amputation of a leg failed to stop, donated
her 120 Beanie Baby animal toys to a Dane
County Humane Society benefit auction.
The collection brought $15,000, reported
Scott Milfred of the Wisconsin State Journal.
Primatologist Jane Goodall w a s
honored in mid-April with the World Ecology
Medal presented by the I n t e r n a t i o n a l
Center for Tropical Ecology at the
University of Missouri in St. Louis, and the
International Award of Excellence from the
Botanical Research Institute of Texas.
George Peabody, editor/publisher
of the Molokai Advertiser-News, one of the
few independent newspapers in Hawaii,
recently “reported allegations that seven
police officers were seen poaching” in a case
now under criminal investigation, he told
ANIMAL PEOPLE on April 23. Soon
afterward, Peabody said, he “tried to stop a
dogcatcher from choking and dragging a very
friendly dog,” whom Peabody had found at
large and kept overnight, but when Peabody
called the police, he said, he was the one
who ended up being arrested, for felony
alleged assault on an officer.

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