Cruelty-free Premarin rival

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 1999:

Premarin, the Wyeth-Ayerst
estrogen drug made from pregnant
mares’ urine, gained a rival on March
26 when the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration authorized Duramed
Pharmaceuticals to sell Cenestin, an
estrogen made of soy and yam extracts,
to treat menopausal symptoms.
Plant-based estrogens were
already available, but Premarin was
the only product sold as a wide-spectrum
menopausal remedy. Duramed
tried to introduce Cenestin as a generic
substitute for Premarin; blocked by
Wyeth-Ayerst legal action, it will now
offer Cenestin as a generic alternative.
Premarin has been widely
boycotted since soon after ANIMAL
PEOPLE revealed in April 1993 that
the perpetually pregnant mares used in
making it spend two-thirds of their
lives tethered in stalls, while their foals
are usually sold for horsemeat.

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