From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 1999:

Now that SHARK founder
Steve Hindi has shown activists how
to spot the use of electroshock to make
rodeo animals buck, confirmation of
the practice is coming from virtually
every rodeo where people are looking
for it. For instance, Rockford Register
Star reporter Chris Green accompanied
Animal Watch representatives to
Kid’s Day at the World’s Toughest
Rodeo on Valentine’s Day in
Rockford, Illinois, where Green “witnessed
an animal handler or ‘stock
contractor’ discreetly remove a cattle
prod from his rear pocket and shock a
horse and two bulls,” according to the
Register Star’s February 15 edition.
World’s Toughest Rodeo spokesperson
Debra Weaver told Green that shockprodding
could bring a $250 fine from
the Professional Rodeo Cowboys
Association––and said Green was the
first person to tell her about it.

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