Vivisector Adrian Morrison on rights

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, January/February 1999:

Long criticized by antivivisectionists for
taking a middle-of-the-road position that laboratory
use of animals is inevitable but that they should be
humanely treated, Working for Animals used in
Research, Drugs, and Surgery, formerly Our
Animal Wards, seemed to step to the opposite
extreme by giving three of the four pages in the fall
1998 WARDS newsletter Science and Animal Care
to an essay by arch-vivisectionist Adrian Morrison,
and a third of the remaining page to a synopsis of a
letter to The Washington Times by another professional
pro-vivisectionist, Jacqueline Calnan of
Americans for Medical Progress.
Nor did either Morrison, Calnan, or
WARDS itself have conciliatory words for their

“I reject as nonsense the notion of
‘speciesism’ that the animal rights movement promotes,”
wrote Morrison. “It is a perversion of biology…Vivisection,”
he claimed, “is a function of a
legitimate aspect of our nature,” because “Increasing
knowledge in all spheres, even if it requires the
deaths of some animals, is our obligation as the most
intelligent species by far on this planet

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