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From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 1998:

The South African
Department of Agriculture
was so impressed with a recent
South Africans for Abolition
of Vivisection report called A
Call for Transparency and
Accountability in the Vivisection
Industry, the Cape Argus of
October 26 reported, that it
incorporated it into the official
government discussion document
on a proposed law which
would parallel the U.S. Animal
Welfare Act. South Africa
reportedly has no laws at present
which regulate the care and use
of animals in research.

Intel Corporation
cofounder Gordon Moore
announced on October 1 that he
and his wife have donated $35
million to fund the Center for
Applied Biodiversity Science
in Washington, D.C., a thinktank
to be formed and managed
by Conservation International.
Crawley and Horsham
Hunt master Anthony
S a n d e m a n, 41, of Bolney,
West Sussex, and joint master
Philip Ghazala, 40, of
Southwater, West Sussex, were
assessed £608 apiece on
September 22 for allegedly vandalizing
the van of hunt protester
Simon Wright, 42, last
John Bryant, for 30
years a leader of the 10,000-
member League Against Cruel
Sports, the leading British antihunting
organization, resigned
in late October along with three
allies who were defeated in bids
for positions on the executive
committee. “We are going to
form a new organization,”
Bryant said, “that will not be
frightened of rocking the boat.
The league is not protesting
loudly enough about the betrayal
by the (Labor) government,”
whose prime minister, T o n y
Blair, in 1996 promised to pursue
a ban on fox hunting, but
has since waffled and reneged.
Current League Against Cruel
Sports chair John Cooper
responded that recent “very high
level meetings” with Blair’s
government indicated that the
League is “as close as we can
possibly be to an abolition of
hunting now.”
Penny Little, 46, of
Great Haseley, Oxon, won
£1,500 in libel damages on
October 23 from British Field
Sports Society press officier
Janet George, for allegedly
accusing Little during a live
radio broadcast of calling fox
hunters “evil bastards” and
“sadistic murderers.”

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