Let them eat crow, say commissioners

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 1998:

The Nevada Board of Wildlife
Commissioners, which in March authorized
hunters to kill up to 10 crows a day
during spring and fall seasons, on
September 26 voted 8-1 not to open a bear
season, due to lack of bears everywhere but
in the Carson Range, east of Lake Tahoe.
Coinciding with the start of
hunting season, the Vermont Office of
Child Support in mid-August placed newspaper
ads warning that parents who don’t
make child support payments on time could
lose their hunting and fishing licenses. The
threat of license suspension has helped drive
collection of unpaid child support up from
$12 million in 1991 to $40 million in 1997.
According to the National
Advertising Council, the top 10 ad categories
in Hunter magazine during 1997, by
page count, were firearms; alcoholic
drinks; electronic devices; tobacco; job
opportunities; bladder control; off-road
vehicles and pickup trucks; hair restoration;
underwear; and pro wrestling.

The Pennsylvania House Game
and Fisheries Committee heard five hours
of testimony on August 25 about a bill
which would stop allowing alleged game
law violators to pay fines while still in the
field, a potential opening for corruption;
limit inspections and searches by P e n n s y l –
vania Game Commission wardens; and
institute a review procedure for handling
allegations of warden misconduct.

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