India notes

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, September 1998:

The Marchig Animal Welfare
Trust has divided this year’s M archig
Animal Welfare Award among three refuge
projects in India: the Darjeeling Goodwill
Animal Shelter in Kalimpong, West Bengal,
under administration of Christine Townend
of Help In Suffering; a new Help In
Suffering refuge to be founded at Udairpur, in
memory of the late Annabella Singh; and the
People For Animals refuge in Delhi, founded
by Maneka Gandhi. Both Townend and
Gandhi were profiled in our January/February
1998 edition.
The summer 1998 edition of
Compassionate Friend, the magazine of
Beauty Without Cruelty India, warns Indian
animal protection groups which receive financial
aid from the British-based Royal SPCA
against following the RSPCA into promoting
meat. Since 1994 the RSPCA Freedom Food
project has marketed meat and eggs produced
according to “humane” standards. Meant to be
profitable, Freedom Food reportedly cost £2.1
million to set up, and lost money for three
years before breaking even in 1996-1997.

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