Invisible Fence Co. sued

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 1998:

Rottweiler attack victim Joey Jacobs,
14, and his mother, Kathy Carroll, of Chester
Township, Ohio, alleged in a mid-May filing that
t h e Invisible Fence Company, of Malvern,
Pennsyvlania, improperly withheld information
about a similar case during settlement negotiations
after they sued Invisible Fence over Jacobs’ injuries
in 1996. Jacobs, then age 9, on December 29,
1993 saved two younger friends’ lives, losing both
of his own ears, by holding off an aggressive
Rottweiler belonging to neighbor Ursula Baroni,
after the dog charged through an Invisible Fence to
get them. They settled for an amount believed to be
less than $20,000, with no punitive damages,
unaware that Invisible Fence had paid $390,000 ten
years earlier to settle a similar case in Philadelphia.
Invisible Fence advertising warns that the product
should not be used to contain dangerous dogs

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