Tourtellotte wasn’t slow

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 1998:

AUGUSTA, Me.––Maine Inland
Fisheries and Wildlife commissioner Lee
Perry on March 17 named Tim Peabody, 38,
of Northport, a 14-year staffer, to succeed
Dan Tourtelotte, 44, as head of the Maine
Warden Service. Peabody was promoted
ahead of seven senior officers.
Tourtelotte quit on March 6 to
become general manager of the New
England Outdoor Center in Millinocket, a
whitewater rafting firm––a job he accepted,
Roberta Scruggs of the Portland Press
Herald reported, during the same March 4
meeting at which a bill easing rafting rules
was approved by the Maine Legislature’s
Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee.

Perry admitted that Tourtelotte
“acted as a facilitator on this and certainly
had a key role,” but denied that Tourtelotte’s
actions were improper. Tourtelotte led the
Maine Warden Service for only 32 days after
succeeding Colonel Parker Tripp, 50, who
retired January 31.

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