From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 1998:

The Oregon Hunters Association
on April 12 removed Portland chapter president
Wendell Locke of Forest Grove from
office for admittedly burning a cross on the
lawn of Oregon Humane Society state director
Sharon Harmon in April 1996, but did
not expell Locke from membership.
Mary Shriver, 55, executive
director of the New Hampshire Wildlife
Federation, on April 1 pleaded guilty to illegally
allowing her tags to be used on a moose
killed by New Zealand game preserve owner
Alan Stewart, and paid a fine of $300.

Stewart was fined $800. Former state representative
Herb Drake, also a member of the
hunting party, was fined $600 and lost his
hunting license for two years.
Henry Waszcuk a n d I t a l o
Labignan, cohosts of the weekly TSN television
show Canadian Sportfishing, were fined
a combined total of $1,800 on April 3 for
allegedly body-hooking fish in order to hold
them for mouth-hooking later on camera.
Karen Monoghan, host of the N a t u r a l
Angler of Toronto show, was at the same
time fined $800 for similar offenses. Further
charges are reportedly pending against
Waszcuk for allegedly fishing in a sanctuary
and fishing out of season, also in each
instance on camera.

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