From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 1998:

In fond remembrance of Steve Siegel, passionately
devoted and highly effective animal
rights activist. You made a huge difference,
and continue to inspire me daily. Thank you!
––Jill Breslauer

In memory of James E. Windsor Jr.
––Victoria Windsor
In memory of Waldo, a precious little dog
who now runs of “Rainbow Bridge” with his
best friends, Jenny, Willy, and Scruffy.
The bed will always seem empty without you.
––Lindy & Marvin Sobel
In memory of our beloved cat Simon.
You were stoic, graceful and wise.
You taught us about unconditional love.
The secret is: the lover never changes, never
dies, and lives on forever.
Sleep softly, Dear Simon.
––Sharon & Rich Sepela
In memory of my beloved Sophie.
––Penny Koines
This gift I make in memory of my beloved
Marley, who ascended on 3/11/98, 27 days
shy of her 17th birthday. Birthless, deathless,
and changeless remaineth the spirit forever.
I love you always, little Flower Cat!
––Jamaka N. Petzak
In memory of Tommy Cat, 1985-1998.
––Nancy Payton

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