Fixing the problem

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 1998:

Cile Holloway of the Texas
Humane Legislation Network hopes to
sell $500,000 worth of “Animal Friendly”
license plates (above) by September 2001 to
endow a state trust fund which will then distribute
revenue to low-cost and no-cost pet
sterilization programs. If the sales target
isn’t reached, under the terms of the legislation
approving issuance of the plates, the
effort will be cancelled.

The Cat Fanciers’ Association
board of directors recently unanimously
adopted a policy statement against
hybridization of domestic cats with nondomestic
species, and a statement of support
for TTVAR-M (trap, test, vaccinate,
alter, return, and maintain) control of feral
cats. Copies are available from CFA at
732-528-9797; fax 732-528-7391.
The Tait’s Every Animal
Matters mobile neutering van, sponsored
by the Vernon A. Tait All-Animal
Adoption, Preservation & Rescue Fund of
Westbrook, Connecticut, fixed 8,000 cats
during its first year on the road, at $35 each
including rabies, distemper, and respiratory
vaccinations, says TEAM president John
A. Caltabiano, DVM.

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