Be Kind To Animals Kids

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 1998:

The American Humane Association will
name the 1998 “Be Kind To Animals Kids” during
“Be Kind To Animals Week,” May 3-9. ANIMAL
PEOPLE informally nominated two six-year-old
boys in Winlaton, Tyne and Wear, Britain, who in
November 1997 tried unsuccessfully to stop four 12-
year-olds as they blinded a cat with a laser pen, but
were told by police that the crime couldn’t be prosecuted,
as they were too young to testify; Shaun and
Kristina Wilson, of Roosevelt Elementary School
in Cocoa Beach, Florida, who on February 9, 1998
found two female manatees trapped in a storm drain
and called Sea World, whose staff got them out;

David Meszaros, 10, Michael Van Insberghe,
10, Kathleen Fawley, 11, and Tristan Huntingt
o n, 10, of West Vancouver, British Columbia,
who in September 1997 discovered the rare and
ancient cold-water frog Ascaphus truei near a major
residential development, and hectored public officials
until the frogs’ habitat was given greater protection
in mid-January 1998; and all 10 second
grade classes at Bissell Elementary School i n
Twinsburg, Ohio, who baked and sold dog cookies
at Christmas 1997 to raise $2,000 for the Cleveland
Animal Protective League.

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