Horsethief too?

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 1998:

WASHINGTON, D.C.––Former Humane
Society of the U.S. vice president of investigations
David Wills not only allegedly misappropriated as
much as $211,000 from HSUS but is also a deadbeat
dad and, in effect, a horsethief, charges an
objection to Wills’ application for Chapter 13
bankruptcy filed on January 30, 1998 by HSUS
counsel Robert Plotkin.
Wills, wrote Plotkin, “admitted that a paternity
judgement was obtained against him by the
State of Washington on behalf of a child Wills
fathered with a woman who was not his wife…In
calculating his personal expense obligations,” to
shelter assets and income under the bankruptcy filing,

“Wills listed a current $471 per month in
child support payments. Those payments…have
never been made.” Attached exhibits indicate
Wills may be $7,000 in arrears on the payments.
Arguing that Wills filed for bankruptcy to
evade obligation to repay HSUS, Plotkin also
detailed multiple instances of Wills contradicting
himself in testimony about the value and ownership
of costly possessions, some of which mght
have been given to satisfy creditors. Perhaps most
colorfully, Wills said he presented an Arabian
horse worth as much as $3,000 to his wife, Lori J.
White, when they were married in May 1995, but
could produce no record that the title was actually
transferred before September 1996––well after
HSUS and other creditors began pressing him for
repayment. Several of Wills’ creditors are familiar
with and fond of the horse in question.
HSUS fired Wills in 1995 after the alleged
misappropriation surfaced in a lawsuit two staffers
filed against him for alleged sexual harassment.
Their suit purported that Wills had sexually
assaulted at least 13 women. That case was
reportedly settled out of court in mid-1997.
Wills in 1972 became director of the Nashua
Humane Society at the personal urging of John
Hoyt, HSUS president 1970-1996. Wills left
NHS to head the Michigan Humane Society in
1979, just before the NHS board discovered funds
were missing. He resigned from MHS in June
1989, when the MHS board found an unexplained
$1.6 million deficit. Bookkeeper Denise Hopkins
was later convicted of embezzling $60,000, leaving
the rest unaccounted for. Wills then formed
the National Society for Animal Protection, but
folded it in 1991 to join HSUS.
Wills’ bankruptcy petition lists as his largest
debt $42,500 owed to former NSAP volunteer
Sandra LeBost. LeBost won the amount in a June
1995 Michigan verdict against Wills for allegedly
not repaying loans and not returning her father’s
gold watch, which he had also borrowed.

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