From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 1998:

New Jersey Animal Rights
Alliance member Stuart Chaifetz o n
January 26 began a fast intended to last all 22
days of the state’s second-ever coyote season.
Just five coyotes were killed during the 1997
season, but 900 hunters bought permits this
year to pursue the estimated 1,500 coyotes
who inhabit New Jersey.
Colorado state senator Dorothy
R u p e r t has introduced a bill, SB 144, to
rescind a bounty on wolves and coyotes set by
the Colorado Territorial Legislature in 1869.
Utah trapper Shane Cornwall,
38, of Payson, a 13-year employee of the
state Wildlife Services division, was killed
and helicopter pilot Allen H. Carter, 57, was
injured on January 14 when they flew into a
canyon wall after a day of strafing coyotes.

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