From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 1998:

INDIA––The Shri Pinjarapol Gaushala,
founded 150 years ago, has sheltered animals
for 25 years longer than any humane society in
the United States. But while older U.S.
humane societies have usually built up endowments
that guarantee at least some steady
income, the Shri Pinjarapol Gaushala staff of
21 plus 10 volunteers cheerfully describe their
finances as “A question mark before us.”
They now care for 1,201 cattle and
1,228 goats: blind, disabled, rescued from
illegal traffic to slaughter, or just abandoned
as poor milk-producers or cart-pullers. Their
upkeep costs just over $10,000 a year.

After planting 7,000 shade trees and
building a new fence last year, the gaushala is
now fundraising for further improvements.
Chair K.M Sharma told ANIMAL PEOPLE
that an immediate goal is to be able to rent a
tractor and trailer to haul in fodder as needed.
More ambitiously, the gaushala hopes to build
a $16,000 biogas composting plant, which
would turn manure into income.
“Almighty God has blessed hundreds of
millionaires who can spare the funds and get
rid of hardships,” Sharma wrote hopefully.
The Shri Pinjarapol Gaushala address is
126 Adarshnagar, Pali-Pin 306401,
Rajasthan, India.

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