From ANIMAL PEOPLE, December 1997:

While the U.S. retail fur trade again ballyhoos an alleged comeback,
just four fur garments appeared in the 120 pages of ads and editorial matter making
up the fall 1997 edition of Fashions of the Times, a supplement to The New York
Times. Leather wasn’t very evident, either: leather shoes appeared only six times,
along with 13 depictions of other leather items, mostly handbags.
Marion Stark, New York representative for the Fund for Animals,
asks New York residents to address Governor George Pataki by mid-December to
thank him for helping to create proposed regulations banning trap placement within
100 feet of a path in a public recreation area; state strongly that traps should be
banned for public safety reasons in all parts of public recreation areas, including
aquatic portions; emphasize that so-called nuisance trapping often exascerbates
wildlife/human conflict by encouraging “nuisance” species to raise bigger litters;

and request a response. Address Pataki c/o Executive Office, State Capitol,
Albany, NY 12224. Copies may be addressed to Commissioner John Cahill, Dept.
of Environmental Conservation, 50 Wolf Road, Albany, NY 12233.
The New Hampshire
Animal Rights League offers an
anti-fur action kit free for #10 SASE,
c/o 8 Hutchins St., Concord, NH

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