BOOKS: Generation React: Activism for Beginners

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 1997:

Generation React:
Activism for Beginners
by Danny Seo
Ballentine Publishing (201 E. 50th St., New York,
NY 10022), 1997. 192 pages, paperback, $10.95.

Activism tends to be a young person’s game––but
Danny Seo, the 20-year-old author of Generation React,
wasn’t just playing when at age 12, in 1990, he quit eating
meat and founded Earth 2000 National. Swiftly winning
media note, Seo hit the bigtime even younger than most star
athletes and rock-and-rollers, converted fleeting attention to
enduring influence, and remains active and effective.

Generation React shares how-to tips that can comparably
empower others––of any age. The one missing topic of
import is recognizing and avoiding agents provocateur, who
destroy causes by diverting activism toward self-defeating tactics
in pursuit of pointless goals.
Seo keeps constantly in mind that the most important
objective of activism is effecting lasting lifestyle change,
which begins with oneself. It seems almost redundant to note
that Seo is still a dedicated vegetarian.

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