Roger Rabbit redoux

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, September 1997:

According to the July edition
of Paw Prints, newsletter of Volunteer
Services for Animals in Providence,
Rhode Island, American SPCA president
Roger Caras told the group’s
recent fundraising banquet about “the
detrimental effect so-called no-kill shelters
have had on the efforts of humane
organizations, as many people now
erroneously believe that unwanted animals
are no longer euthanized so it’s
okay to not neuter their pets.”
One could also erroneously
believe from Caras’ 1996 book A
Perfect Harmony that neutering rabbits,
the third most popular house pet
species, is pointless, since he seriously
asserted there that they are capable of
asexual reproduction.

The oldest, largest, and most
successful neutering programs––those
of Friends of Animals, begun in 1957,
the North Shore Animal League,
which spent $4.7 million on neutering
in 1996, and the San Francisco SPCA,
which has achieved the highest citywide
neutering rate (91%) and lowesteuthanasia
rate (4.6 animals per 1,000
human residents) are all sponsored by
no-kill organizations.

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