From ANIMAL PEOPLE, September 1997:

Paul Obis, who founded Vegetarian
Times in 1975 and sold it to Cowles Media,
also publisher of Bow Hunter, in 1991, has
resumed eating meat, the July 21 edition of
Newsweek reported, because “22 years of eating
tofu is a long time.”
Irene Cruickshank resigned as
managing director of the New England AntiVivisection
Society, effective July 15.
Cruickshank had served through more than a
year of still unresolved conflict over control of
the NEAVS board between factions aligned
respectively with the Fund for Animals and
PETA. The outcome of the dispute may be
settled by a pending Superior Court judicial
ruling. Formerly allied, the Fund and PETA
jointly took charge of NEAVS in the 1988
board election, in a move seen at the time as
helping to unite and empower the most militant
arms of the animal rights movement.
Bernard Rollin, author of The
Unheeded Cry, lost 28 years of archives on
July 27 when a flash flood that killed five people,
injured 48, displaced 300 households and
wrecked 1,800 cars also tore through his basement
office. Rollin asks anyone who can
replace lost correspondence, articles, clippings,
etc. to send copies c/o Department of
Philosophy, Colorado State University, Fort
Collins, CO 80523. Humane livestock handling
consultant Temple Grandin is also on
the CSU faculty, but Rollin said her office,
several floors above the water, was unharmed.
Vegetarian Marie-Louise Meilleur,
117, of Corbeil, Ontario, was confirmed on
August 14 by the Guinness Book of Records as
the oldest living person whose birth is clearly
documented. Born on August 29, 1880, in
Kamouraska, Quebec, Corbeil has 300
descendants, including an 81-year-old son.

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