From ANIMAL PEOPLE, September 1997:

BRUSSELS––The European Union General
Affairs Council on July 22 approved agreements with
Canada and Russia on “humane” trapping standards
which as Associated Press put it, “will insure use of the
cruel leghold trap for an indefinite period of time.”
The EU council also asked the European
Commission to strike a similar deal with the U.S., which
holds that it cannot federally supersede state trapping regulations,
and that any international regulation of trapping
violates the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs.
The July 22 deal allows Canada and Russia to
continue the use of steel-jawed leghold traps for another
two to four years, and allows the use of padded leghold
traps for either eight more years or indefinitely, if they
meet as yet unformalized international standards.
For Canada and Russia, the deal nullifies an
EU ban on the import of fur from animals usually caught
by leghold trapping, initially approved in 1991 to take
effect in 1995, but repeatedly postponed by all member
nations but The Netherlands.
Letters opposing further EU concessions to
reach agreement with the U.S. may be sent to the
European Commission, 200 Rue de la Loi, B1049,
Brussels, Belgium; fax 011-322-299-4686.

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