“He’s an oxymoron”

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 1997:

LOS ANGELES––Hired circa February 1, according
to Last Chance for Animals executive director David
Meyer, program staffer Luke Montgomery was on the job a
month before Washington Times columnist John McCaslin
noted his presence and his background; another month passed
before other activists called ANIMAL PEOPLE, accusing
him of trouble-making and asking, “Who is he?”
Gay activists previously asked the same question.
According to an October 6, 1995 posting by commentator P.
Del Grosso on a Gay:Stories:Gay Life World Wide Web site,
Montgomery “came to Washington D.C. a few years ago and
made a big fuss about changing his name to Sissyfag. He
claimed to be an AIDS activist and chased Bill Clinton around
for not doing enough about AIDS.”

Gannett News Service archives confirm that
Montgomery, as Luke Sissyfag, disrupted a speech by Clinton
in December 1993, three speeches by Health Secretary Donna
Shalala in early 1994, and an Easter service attended by the
Clinton family in April 1994. A USA Today profile published
on February 14, 1994 said he was 20 years old, originally
from Seattle, and had changed his name two years earlier.
Del Grosso accused him of working as “a hustler.”
Probing the possibility that Sissyfag might actually be an agent
provocateur, gay activists had found evidence that as “Chad,”
still legally Luke Montgomery, he had advertised his services
as a “young bottom boy” in the “Escorts/Phone Fantasy” sections
of a local gay newspaper. Sissyfag/ Montgomery subsequently
announced he was running for mayor of Washington
D.C., but dropped out of the race and temporarily out of sight.
Next, Del Grosso charged, Montgomery unsuccessfully
sought an acting career in Hollywood, then “turned preppy-conservative
and started screaming about how gays should
just shut up and assimilate. He even went on Donahue to push
this agenda. Phil Donahue asked Luke if he was just a little too
young and inexperienced to know what he was talking about.”
Crusader, a self-described “Palm Springs hellraiser
and paralegal” who writes the “Crusader’s Corner” political
column for Lifestyle magazine, reported in April 1996 that
Montgomery “recently told O u t magazine that he considers
himself ‘unfortunately homosexual.’ A portion of his comments:
‘The gay identity is manufactured out of insecurities
and abnormalities. It has nothing more to offer than AIDS,
beer, and shallowness. Gays are out there spreading AIDS and
it makes me sick and sad beyond belief.’”
Said Meyer, “I was aware of Luke’s background
before we hired him. I had known him as a local animal rescuer
for about a year. Luke is an exemplary worker, has credibility
as someone who worked to get funding for AIDS-related
research but is now opposed to animal experimentation, has
good media sense, and has already recommended various beneficial
changes in the LCI modus operandi.”
Montgomery himself, in a 20-minute monologue
objecting to ANIMAL PEOPLE “prying into my personal
life,” said he wouldn’t apologize for having been flamboyant
(which no one asked him to apologize for), never responded to
questions about his interest in animals, mentioned animals
only as part of the title of Last Chance for Animals, and concluded
that he wouldn’t “make a statement to you and your
pissy little rag.”
Opined Crusader, “He’s an oxymoron.”

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