BOOKS: The Cornell Book of Cats

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 1997:

The Cornell Book of Cats
A Comprehensive and Authoritative Medical Reference
for Every Cat and Kitten, Second Edition
by the Faculty, Staff, and Associates,
Cornell Feline Health Center, Cornell University
Villard Books (201 East 50th St., New York, NY 10022), 1997.
508 pages, hardback, $35.00.

Inasmuch as our feline population
just dipped below 20 for the first time in five
years, and many of our cats are here because
various health conditions made them otherwise
unadoptable, we were able to give The
Cornell Book of Cats a thorough reference
check almost immediately on receipt. It
passed every test: it offers the most thorough,
up-to-date discussion of feline health problems
yet added to our sagging bookshelf, and
though sturdily bound to withstand daily use in
shelters and veterinary clinics, will no doubt
eventually be thumbed to tatters. If it saves
even one unnecessary veterinary visit, it will
pay for itself. If you keep cats, get it.

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