REVIEWS: Hi, I’m a Beaver

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 1997:

Hi, I’m a Beaver
Beavers, Wetlands & Wildlife (POB 591,
Little Falls, NY 13365), 1995. Video, five
minutes, $9.00 including shipping.

Originally made for fourth and fifth grade
ecology students, Hi, I’m a Beaver follows the
development of four orphaned beavers who were
raised and released by Sharon Brown,
director/biologist for Beavers, Wetlands, &
Wildlife, formerly known as Friends of
Beaversprite. The commentary is upbeat and informative.

The beavers are amusing and attractive.
The final scenes are hopeful and give the viewers
the feeling that one person can make a difference to
help the survival of animals in the wild.
As director of education for the Humane
Society of Port Jervis/Deerpark, I used Hi, I’m a
Beaver in a program on the importance of wetlands
for students and teachers in grades K-6. Following
the video, I offered the audience a chance to sign
petitions opposing legislative attempts to loosen
beaver trapping regulations in New York state. We
collected over 1,500 signatures and sent them to the
State Assembly. There were many “high fives,”
thunderous applause and pats on the back when the
students learned that their voices were heard.
Proponents of beaver trapping are pursuing a similar
bill this year, but the more people know about
beavers, the less likely they are to support lethal
response to beaver-related problems. Hi, I’m a
B e a v e r can be used to teach about beavers either
with the sound and narration on, or with it off,
allowing educators who wish to use more scientific
language to do so from their own script.
––Jan Berlin

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