HSUS told to give back Canadian funds

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 1997:

Ontario Court of Justice judge Bruce C.
Hawkins on January 7 issued an interim order that the
Humane Society of the United States must repay $740,000
to the Humane Society of Canada, in advance of the yet-tobe-scheduled
trial of a lawsuit in which HSC and the
Canadian incorporation of Humane Society International
charge that HSUS improperly seized $1,012,663 in funds
HSC raised within Canada. Wrote Hawkins of the February
1996 seizure, “I cannot imagine a more glaring conflict of
interest or a more egregious breach of fiduciary duty.

It demonstrates an overweening arrogance of a type seldom
seen.” HSI was founded as the umbrella for HSUS foreign
affiliates in 1991; HSI-Canada and HSC were founded as
1993. The three-member HSI-Canada and HSC founding
board included John Hoyt, then president of HSI and now
president emeritus, as well as longtime president of HSUS,
and Paul Irwin, his second-in-command since 1975, now
president of HSUS. Irwin, born in Canada, claimed
Canadian residence on a passport application in order to get
around the Canadian requirement that the majority of board
members be Canadians. Irwin’s primary residence is in fact
in Maryland. His Canadian passport was later revoked.

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