BOOKS: The Fairfax Ferret

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 1997:

The Fairfax Ferret
by Pamela Troutman Grant
Carlton Press (Order c/o Star Ferrets,
POB 1714, Springfield, VA 22151-0714), 1996.
49 pages, hardcover, $14.45.

I hope librarians and others who buy books for
children see The Fairfax Ferret, as few books describe
pets other than dogs and cats, or small wiggly things that
mothers have difficulty accepting. Fish and birds are often
purchased to fill needs foreign to their natures. A ferret is
in-between-sized: one can cuddle a ferret, but the animal
accommodates the small apartment lifestyle. Author
Pamela Grant, who runs a “rescue mission” for ferrets,
describes how Johnny loses his ferret in an unaware
moment, but gets lucky and gets the ferret back, who survives
the transition from comfortably pampered pet to foraging
feral and back again.

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