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From ANIMAL PEOPLE, Jan/Feb 1997:

Franklin M. Loew, dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine a t
Cornell University since September 1995, on December 10, 1996 announced his
resignation effective January 31, 1997, to become president and chief executive
officer of Medical Foods Inc. in Cambridge, Massachusetts. A 1965 Cornell
DVM graduate, Loew was founder and dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine
at Tufts University in North Grafton, Massachusetts, near Cambridge, 1982-
1995. Medical Foods Inc. makes products for people with special dietary needs,
e.g. a candy bar for diabetics that helps sustain blood glucose as they sleep.

Dale Schwindaman, deputy administrator for the Animal and Plant
Health Inspection Service of the USDA, and thereby top Animal Welfare Act
enforcement officer, retired in November after 41 years in government service.
Succeeding Schwindaman in an acting capacity pending designation of a permanent
replacement is Ron DeHaven, assistant deputy adminstrator for animal care.
Morley Cook, formerly associate deputy adminstrator for animal care, meanwhile
transferred from the APHIS Regulatory Enforcement and Animal Care section to
Veterinary Services; as part of a planned reorganization seeking greater efficiency,
Regulatory Enforcement and Animal Care are being separated into different units.
Phil Arkow, noted for advancing recognition of the links between animal
abuse and child abuse, and for major contributions to improving the accuracy
of animal shelter intake and exit statistics, during a long career with humane societies
in Colorado, Maryland, and New Jersey, recently left the animal care field
to become communications officer for the Philadelphia Foundation.

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