From ANIMAL PEOPLE, Jan/Feb 1997:

M. Alicia Melgaard, linguist,
World War II codebreaker and translator, and
20-year volunteer for the Dona Ana County
Humane Society, died August 10 in Las
Cruces, New Mexico. Founder of the
DACHS neutering fund, Melgaard was also
on the advisory board of the Foundation for
Animal Protection, of Brookfield, Connecticut.
“Alicia gave us credit for new ideas
from our publications, lobbying, and obsession
with spay/neuter,” FAP founder Mildred
Lucas wrote, “but it was she who inspired

Harald A. Rehder, 89, discoverer
of more than 300 mollusk species, died
November 10 in Washington D.C. On the
staff of the Smithsonian Institution, 1932-
1976, Rehder was curator of the division of
mollusks, 1946-1965, and senior zoologist,
1965-1976. A founding member of the
American Malacological Union, Rehder was
AMU president in 1941.

Charmaine Stansfield, remembered
by St. Francis of Assisi Animal Rescue,
of Morgan Hill, California, as “a great
friend to animals who donated both time and
talent to SFAAR over the yuears, particularly
while we were building our low-cost
spay/neuter clinic,” died October 1.

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