From ANIMAL PEOPLE, Jan/Feb 1997:

MONTGOMERY, Alabama––Contrary to the
insinuations of an October 1996 appeal for donations issued by
Tina Fields and Ronald Denney under the name Saving
Animals From Euthanasia, listing Louis Jones, DVM, as
“attending veterinarian,” SAFE is not a legitimate charity and
Fields, Denney, and Jones remain under indictment for alleged
theft by charitable fraud and theft of charitable property in the
amount of $60,195, attorney Dennis Wright of the Alabama
Office of the Attorney General confirmed on December 16.
Wright said a trial date would probably be set in early
1997. The SAFE newsletter states that all charges against
Fields, Denney, and Jones were dropped on March 14, without
mentioning that they were promptly refiled after correction
of a technical error in the first filing.

Wright told ANIMAL PEOPLE that the appeal also
significantly misrepresents any role that Fields, Denney, and
Jones had in addressing either financial abuses by Fields’ mother,
Ann Fields Lagunas, or the plight of animals left behind
when she committed suicide in October 1995, three months
after the Alabama Office of the Attorney General sued her for
fraud. Operating for about 12 years under the name Love And
Care for God’s Animalife, and aliases, Fields allegedly used a
seriously substandard no-kill animal shelter to raise and divert
to her personal use as much as $100,000 a month.

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