BOOKS: The Blessing of the Animals

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, Jan/Feb 1997:

The Blessing of the Animals:
by Philip Gonzalez and Leonore Fleischer
Harper/Collins (10 E. 53rd, N.Y, NY 10022), 1996. 177 pages, cloth, $17.50

This sequel to The Dog Who
Rescues Cats (1995) offers more true
accounts of some of the incredible happenings
in the life of New York City animal rescuer
Philip Gonzalez and his adopted partner,
the dog Ginny, who involved him and
keeps him involved in saving, healing, hospicing,
feeding, and neutering sick and
inured homeless cats. It is heartening to hear
that Gonzalez now takes her to classrooms,
where she edifies while the children delight.

Her fame spread by TV appearances
and publihed stories, Ginny,
Gonzalez, and one of their rescued cats were
guests at a recent Christmas Eve service for
the blessing of animals, held at the Central
Presbyterian Church on Park Avenue. This
is reverently and touchingly described.
Gonzalez also shows us in photos
and descriptions the unique and gallant personalities
of the rescued felines. He cannot,
however, explain how Ginny makes her
miraculous discoveries of cats and kittens in
trouble, or why she is led to such a seemingly
strange mission for another species.
––Phyllis Clifton

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