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From ANIMAL PEOPLE, Jan/Feb 1997:

The multi-party Home Affairs Committee recommended to the
British Parliament on December 18 that the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act be amended
to eliminate mandatory death penalties for alleged pit bull terriers and other
dogs of purportedly dangerous breed who haven’t committed an offense; provide
“bail” for dogs pending a hearing; allow owners to visit dogs kenneled for cause
more often; and reintroduce national dog licensing, scrapped as unenforceable
about a decade ago.

American SPCA investigator Larry Wallach, of Long Island, prepared
a floating zoo aboard the 120-foot yacht Lady Frances for the 25th annual
Winterfest Boat Parade through the Intercoastal Waterway in Fort Lauderdale,
Florida, featuring a variety of exotic cats who were seized in cruelty raids and are
now kept at shelters in Oklahoma and Texas, as well as New York and Florida.
For last year’s parade, Wallach took eagles, falcons, and a cougar about a 63-
foot boat, ornamented with an endangered species conservation theme. Wallach
admits he takes heat from viewers who think having the animals in the parade is
cruel. “This is for animal protection,” he responds. “These cats are very downto-earth.
They love the water. We need to protect them or we’ll lose them.”

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