HSUS reported in dutch with the Dutch

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, December 1996:

WASHINGTON D.C.–– Americans
for Medical Progress, a leading pro-animal-use-in-research
group, charged in a
November 13 World Wide Web posting that,
“European law enforcement authorities reportedly
opened an investigation into direct mail
appeals soliciting Dutch citizens on behalf of
three supposedly distinct organizations: the
Amazon Children’s Foundation, the
International Foundation for Alzheimer
Research, and the Humane Society
International Foundation.”

Continued AMP, “According to
Dutch news reports, none of the organizations
are registered with the national Central Bureau
for Receiving Funds, the letters were similar
in language and style, their articles of incorporation
are similar, their administrators are
all Americans, and they were registered by
the same notary. Dutch authorities and the
media are concerned that the money raised in
that country will simply vanish. Indications
are,” AMP went on, “that authorities may be
looking into a connection linking HSUS president
Irwin’s irregular Canadian passport,”
financial reporting irregularities spotted by the
Philanthropic Advisory Service of the Council
of Better Business Bureaus noted on page 13
of this edition of ANIMAL PEOPLE, the
allegedly unauthorized fund transfers from the
Humane Society of Canada at issue in a pending lawsuit filed against HSUS by HSC president Michael O’Sullivan (ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 1996, page 12), and the Dutch fund-raising letters.

Of the HSC case, AMP charged, HSUS president Paul Irwin “was forced to surrender his Canadian passport because of false information he gave on his passport application. Born in Canada, Irwin claimed a Canadian address as his ‘permanent’ residence while maintaining a legal ‘permanent’ residence in Maryland.”

AMP added, “The portrait painted by HSC suggests HSUS may have been using HSC as a way-station in money laundering. HSC is suing HSUS to return the cash and pay damages that bring the total HSUS exposure, if HSC wins its lawsuit, to $5 million.”

ANIMAL PEOPLE reported apparent background to the HSC case against HSUS and the AMP claims in a series of exposes published from September 1995 through April 1996. The articles are available at the ANIMAL PEOPLE web site, >>www.animalpepl.org<<. Irwin did not respond to ANIMAL PEOPLE’s invitation to comment. The full AMP posting may be read at >>http://www.ampef.org/ hsus.htm<<.

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