BOOKS: A Cat’s Christmas

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, December 1996:

A Cat’s Christmas
by Stefanie Samek
Illustrated by Larry Ross
Dutton (375 Hudson St., New York,
NY 10014), 1996. 180 pages,
hardback, $14.95.

This is a fun little frivolity to tuck
in your pocket for dull moments, or stress
reduction breaks, or for a hostess gift all will
enjoy, probably on the spot. Author
Stefanie Samek’s previous book, Purring In
The Light: Near-Death Experiences of Cats,
I carried about inflicting aloud favorite bits
on all and sundry. One word of caution:
while Samek mostly spoofs the secular, the
pre-Christian, etc., the very devout might
disapprove of her use of some of the most
cherished old carols; but then, how much
harm could a small furry paw do after so
much crass commercialization? Samek
crams the 180 pages with stories, poems,
and songs given feline remake.

You will find A Cat’s Christmas in Wales, Little
Women’s famous Christmas chapter, The
Magic Tree adapted from Grimm, and many
shorter pieces, in addition to hints Martha
Stewart could not surpass on how to decorate,
what to serve, form for the annual holiday
letters, etiquette for the office party––a
veritable compendium of celebrating in high
cat style.
––Phyllis Clifton

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