From ANIMAL PEOPLE, December 1996:

The Orange County (California) Transportation Authority on November 19 paid former bus driver Bruce
Anderson $50,000 in settlement of the religious discrimination lawsuit he brought against the OCTA after he was fired in June
for refusing, as an ethical vegetarian, to pass out hamburger coupons as part of a promotion. In August the U.S. Equal
Employment Opportunity Commission ruled that Anderson had been discriminated against on the basis of sincerely held
belief. The OCTA agreed, as part of the out-of-court settlement, to amend its employee handbook to clarify policies pertaining
to religious and personal freedom.

Milwaukee County circuit judge Christopher R. Foley has ruled that
the Wisconsin open records law requires the county to provide activist Cindy
Schultz with copies of financial and animal impoundment records pertaining to
animal control arrangements between the county and the Wisconsin Humane
Society. Schultz, long critical of WHS,
recently formed a would-be rival, the
Wisconsin SPCA; arranges private adoptions
at fees of up to $250 per animal; and
has reportedly expressed interest in taking
the county pound contract, which WHS is
surrendering in an attempt to follow the
San Francisco SPCA strategy of getting out
of animal control in order to concentrate on
low-cost neutering, adoptions, and other
humane services.

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