NCPPSP publishes first shelter study findings

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 1996:

DENVER––A survey of
1,100 U.S. animal shelters undertaken
by the National Council on Pet
Population Study and Policy indicates
that 47% of animal intakes in 1994
came from animal control, 29% from
owner surrenders, and 23% from other
sources. Euthanasia rates were 56% for
dogs, 72% for cats, just as ANIMAL
PEOPLE earlier projected from separate
state shelter surveys; 16% of dogs
were returned to owners, but only 2%
of cats. However, adoption rates were
nearly equal, at 25% for dogs and 23%
for cats. Of the reporting shelters,
53% were public animal control agencies,
22% were nonprofit humane societies,
and 16% were humane societies
holding animal control contracts.

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